Behoplus Tandtechnisch labo

Dental technician

Almost everybody knows you can visit a dentist to have crowns, bridges and prostheses placed when you have irregular or faulty teeth. A dentist however can only place these after extensive work done by dental technicians and assistant dental technicians in a dental laboratory. To be able to do his work properly, the dentist is required to make a detailed impression and give precise instructions.

For over 30 years Behoplus is a dental laboratory that has been manufacturing all kinds of prostheses, crowns, bridges, dental implants, etc. for dentists, orthognathic surgeons and orthodontists. Dental prostheses, partial prostheses, crowns, bridges, porcelain techniques and orthodontic pieces all come from a laboratory such as Behoplus.

In this laboratory several techniques are used such as modelling, polishing, shaping of porcelain, synthetics, resin or metal. From these we make, among other things, faced crowns, solitary crowns, metal ceramic bridges or implants.

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